It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! Good and Bad News Edition!

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk… a little more.

This week I have to share a combination of good and bad news with you folks. Getting it out of the way early, the bad news is that I won’t be updating Cheap Boss Attack nearly as often. Barring the occasional PS4 or Vita review and this traditional weekend wrap-up, you won’t be hearing much from me. Well, won’t be hearing much from me here.

I was offered an editorial position with Switch Player, which is a published magazine that covers all things (as you’d expect) Nintendo Switch. I’ll be on news duty over there for a bit, hopefully mixing up reviews and the like since that’s what I enjoy doing most of all.

Since I was a kid religiously thumbing through issues of Nintendo Power like it was the Bible, all I’ve wanted to do is write about games. If I’m not playing something or buried under school work, chances are I’m writing, researching, and doing everything I can to improve the quality of my writing. There’s only so far self-teaching can take you, though, and with any luck, this jump to Switch Player will be a chance for me to grow as a writer, gain exposure, work with a motivated staff, and continue to provide unbiased news and reviews to you fine folks.

So thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my work, maybe even shared a post or two, and kept my comment section lively. I write for you just as much as I write for me, and your positivity and warm reception has and will always mean the world to me.

Again, I’m not going anywhere. I’m just to be posting far less often here.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the games, shall we?

The biggest announcement is that I’ve finally put an end to Calamity Ganon and saved Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It was an incredible experience and, in my opinion, the greatest Zelda game ever made. As someone who has championed the NES original since its release, that was a hard sentence to type, let me tell you. But I stand by it. The open world, the sense of adventure, the amount of faith Nintendo has in the player… it’s fantastic. I’d be surprised if anything topped it as my Game of the Year.

However. Having just invested a bunch of time in Breath of the Wild, I became spoiled with Link’s ability to climb and paraglide off of everything. After finishing Zelda, I made the mistake of immediately diving into Horizon: Zero Dawn; another open-world game. Aloy’s inability to climb mountains or glide off of them severely hindered my enjoyment of Horizon to the point of shelving it, in favor of a palate cleanser.

I know damn well that I’d have been far more impressed with Horizon had I played it before Zelda, but Breath of the Wild sets the open-world bar incredibly high. Running around hilltops and buildings looking for Assassin’s Creed-like grip spots felt a bit dated by comparison. The story and characters are fine, the combat is fine, but the open world didn’t do anything for me. I look forward to getting back to it later on, though.

I wanted something linear and a little mindless as a palate cleanser, so I dug into the ol’ backlog and decided to check out the recent PS4 remaster of Darksiders, the Warmastered Edition. I picked it up recently as part of the THQ Nordic PS4 Humble Bundle, which came with a ton of decent games for $15 (including both Darksiders remasters).

I’d never played a Darksiders before, but always thought they looked like God of War if they were filled with World of Warcraft characters. I definitely wasn’t wrong, though it does feel a bit more like a slower Devil May Cry. Regardless, I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Combat is satisfying, the story is intriguing, and War’s attacks have some serious weight behind them (which is something I love in action games). The Todd McFarlane aesthetic also works rather well.

Otherwise, much like last week, I’ve mainly been focusing on Overwatch’s Uprising event. I haven’t gotten anything I’ve wanted out the lootboxes,┬ábut there’s still one more week to go. I’d really like to get Widowmaker’s new skin and D.Va’s selfie intro, so if RNGsus can smile upon me next week it’d be greatly appreciated.

I put Mr. Shifty aside for now since they’re working on a patch to fix the late-game lag issues. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played, but I’d rather wait for the performance improvements. I also received Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds on Vita to review, despite it not releasing until next month. The folks at Idea Factory are always great about providing ample time to review their games. I’ll talk more about that next Friday┬ásince I’m still in the game’s opening hours.

I decided to wait for summer break (one more week to go!) to start Persona 5 because juggling a 100+ hour JRPG with college finals and essays doesn’t sound like a good time. Super Bomberman R for Switch and Root Letter for PS4 just arrived from GameFly as well, and I have no idea when I’ll ever get to them. I should probably just cancel GameFly for now, honestly, since my backlog is big enough.

What about you folks? What are you getting into this weekend?



31 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! Good and Bad News Edition!

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  1. Congratulations on the big job dude! Shoot me a link of the website and I’ll follow it so I can keep up with you :). This weekend I’m focusing on two Pokemon games. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, and Pokemon Revolution Online. The second game is a fan made Pokemon MMO and it’s surprisingly good. It’s like I’m playing Pokemon Red again, but with friends.

    I also need to finish Andromeda, but I’m a little burnt out from big open games so I’m tackling some smaller ones until I feel like getting lost in bigger ones again.


    1. Similar to something like Game Informer, they have a website and do the printed media thing at I believe the magazine is monthly or bi-monthly, I’m not sure, but I’ll let you know if any of my stuff shows up in an issue. Means a lot that you’d want to keep up. I’ve met some super rad people on WordPress and although we disagree on stuff (which makes for good conversation) I always enjoy our convos. Looking forward to having you on the podcast this Sunday!

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  2. Congrats on getting that job, if you can as mentioned share a link to your posts there so we can still check out your fabulous writing :D

    I’m trying to knock off some smaller games.from my backlog at the moment, just got Azure Striker Gunvolt done with. I’m aiming to complete BOTW with 1 more divine beast remaining. But man is it ever hard to stay on track. Maybe I’m a couple weeks I’ll be through BOTW

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    1. Thanks Imtiaz! Similar to Game Informer, they have a printed magazine as well as a website. I’m on the website side of things with the possibility of some of my work showing up in the magazine. Still early in the position, of course. They’re over at

      Azure Striker looks rad! I’ve always wanted to play it.

      Best of luck on the last divine beast. The Death Mountain one had some tricky puzzles, but the easiest boss I thought. Savor the game and enjoy the rest of your time with it! Also keep in mind that once you beat it you get a save with a star icon on it that lets you continue playing around in the open world, so don’t feel like you *have* to do everything post-Ganon.

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      1. Cool thanks for the link.

        Yea azure striker gunvolt is pretty awesome, will have a review of it up sometime this week. Really enjoyed my short venture with it.

        Heard about the star icon thing, one of the things I needed to know about BOTW because there’s no way I’ll get everything done before defeating Ganon. I going to do just that, take out Ganon and explore Hyrule over the summer and probably more once the DLC comes out.


        1. That’s what I did. Got enough hearts to get the Master Sword from Lost Woods, downed the divine beasts, got all of the memory locations, then downed Ganon. If I have 15-20 minutes of free time, I pick up my Switch and dick around in Hyrule. It’s been great!

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  3. OMG, Congratulations!! This is awesome news. I wish you all the best with your new gig :D I loved Nintendo Power as a kid, and writing for a published magazine sounds like a dream come true.

    I’m still slowly making my way through BoTW and HZD. I agree that Aloy needs to learn how to climb better, but I like that she doesn’t have a stamina meter, haha. I love both games for different reasons I guess. I’ve also picked up FF IV again. The freemium Brave Exvius game put me in the mood for a classic Final Fantasy experience (without an annoying energy mechanic, haha). I’m working on taking out Dark Bahamut now.


    1. Thanks! It’s definitely a step in the right direction for what I want to be doing with my life, that’s for sure.

      Both games have their pros and I still think Horizon is a great game, but the open world did nothing for me. I think I just need to distance myself from Zelda for a while before jumping back in.

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      1. I can see where you are coming from! Horizon’s open world feels so linear by comparison. I truly think BoTW raised the bar for the entire open world genre. It’s just so amazing that you can literally go to everywhere you see (oh and paragliding is simply awesome). The combat and story elements in Horizon are the big selling points for me. Like you said, they both have their pros and cons :)


        1. I do like the story and characters of Horizon quite a bit. I also like the bow and stealth portion of the combat, but I feel like the draw distance is zoomed in so much that I constantly have to be using her radar scanner to search for enemies every couple of steps unless I want to end up in frequent melee brawls. It probably sounds like I’m down on the game, but I did really enjoy what I played. Just need an open-world break!

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    1. I’ll still be covering PS4/Vita stuff over here, but all of my Switch coverage (barring reviews I agreed to do with publishers prior to being brought on at Switch Player) will be over there. So hopefully there’s enough going on here to keep you interested =).

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      1. Oh great! I have not touch my vita for quite sometime. Hahaha Hope there are some good games coming out for vita soon. :) Since you brought about the topic on ps4/vita, do you know if FFXV by Square Enix is coming out on the Vita by any chance? If so, i can hold back my plans to buy ps4 haha… ^_^ anyways i will still be checking back at the topics here. Give a little support even if you are here lesser. :)


  4. Well done to you! Getting a position doing your dream job must be amazing! I hope you still manage to get material up here for me to enjoy too!
    I really enjoyed Darksiders and the follow up. I felt there was a little Zelda influence in it too with how it handles its “dungeons”.


    1. I’ll still be covering PS4 and Vita here, but all of my Switch coverage (outside of previously agreed upon reviews prior to writing for Switch Player) will be over there. I plan on doing a weekly wrap-up here that links back to all of my Switch Player posts as well, so hopefully you find something interesting from time to time.

      Darksiders is exceeding my expectations and has aged fairly well. Not having invisible dodge frames is a bit odd, so I find myself taking tons of damage, but otherwise it’s really good.

      The Tiamat dungeon definitely had a Zelda feel to it; everything from the moving platforms, switches, using the boomerang-type weapon, and eventual boss fight. I dig it.

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  5. Congratulation on the new gig!

    Surprised you didn’t think more of Horizon but I don’t know how it compares to Zelda since I don’t play that series or much Nintendo in general. I loved the exploring in Horizon and managed to jump and run to some interesting places.

    I’ve been playing some Overwatch Uprising as well. Have you noticed that even in PVE people can’t do teamwork? In almost every match I’m the only person staying in the capture zones regardless of which character I am playing.


    1. Zelda games are *mostly* linear experiences, so Breath of the Wild’s open world was significantly better than anyone anticipated. That’s mainly why I think I would have enjoyed Horizon more had I played it first. Right now, I just need to distance myself from Zelda and go back to Horizon later. I didn’t dislike it by any stretch of the imagination. The characters are great, the story is interesting, even the side-quests are fine, it’s the open world that’s far less interesting than the one I just spent 70 hours in (if that makes sense).

      I 100% feel your pain in Uprising. Most players still run out and do their own thing, die, then spam the healing emote. Nobody stays at the capture points or defends the payload. Once you hit the final area with the four elite boss enemies, they just rush in and get ripped apart by the Bastions. It’s infuriating. Losing to other players, I can understand. But losing to predictable AI is ridiculous.

      90% of the time nobody picks a tank or healer, or if they pick a tank they pick D.Va and never use her shield. What’s been working for me, though, is immediately picking Orisa (found her to be the best tank since she can deploy shields and use an “oh shit!” button to take a lot less damage–her ult also helps in the last room) and if nobody picks a healer I just leave and re-queue. I have a much higher win percentage in Uprising with Orisa than I do anyone else. If someone else picks a tank, though, I go Lucio since he just heals while you skate on walls =\.

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  6. Congrats on the gig man! I hope it’s a paid gig though, and not one of those “Hey! We’re giving you “exposure”, and if you leave we take your name off the stuff you did!” things. I don’t mean to be cynical, or crush dreams. I just don’t want to see a talent like you get screwed over. Jim Sterling actually talked a bit about outlets pulling this recently with one really terrible one getting coverage due to it. So long as you’re properly compensated, I’m really happy for you, and I know you’ll crush it!

    As for my weekend plans, I’ll be working on the next article, streaming some more of the Mirage beta which was recently updated again. I’ll also be getting some stuff ready to ship out. My Commodore 64 unfortunately suffered a Black Screen Of Death. I couldn’t resurrect it on my own, but I did find someone through the Lemon64 community (Great group of enthusiasts, and their site is a wealth of info if you ever have to research a new game with ancestry that traces back to Commodore platforms.) So Monday I’ll be mailing that out to the other side of the country. Cheaper than tracking down another one. Though I may do that anyway in case it can’t be fixed, or it breaks again. It’s over 30 years old. Something was bound to fail sooner or later I guess. :/

    I’ll also take a moment to plug Mark Bussler’s new book. “How to make a video game review show that doesn’t suck” it’s going to cater a lot to those who want to make produced content on YouTube. But there’s also stuff in it that is going to be useful to those of us who blog, or write, and want tips on self-publishing. It’s up on Amazon. Mark is the brain behind Classic Game Room, and a host of other projects like graphic novels. I just thought I’d mention it since so many of us on WordPress blogs may get something useful out of it, even if we’re not doing video work.


    1. It’s very minimal pay, honestly, which is the unfortunate truth about gaming outlets that aren’t one of the major players. I saw the collapse of Brash Games on Twitter and the various posts that accompanied it, but I’ve learned to back up my work. I mainly took the position for exposure, particularly since their reviews are posted on Metacritic and writing for a published and printed magazine has been a dream of mine for while. Also, if it doesn’t work out, it’s good work history. I think my writing is good enough to deserve pay, but I’m a full-time student who can only write in his free time, so right now I think it’s important to build this network and show people what I can do.

      I saw Mark’s book and definitely plan on checking it out. Hopefully those folks can fix your Commodore 64!

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      1. I’m just glad you’re getting *something* for your time, and effort. Even part-time work deserves some level of compensation.

        I hope my C64 repair goes well. I’ve had a few conversations with him, and he seems on the level. I have nothing to lose really. It’s not doing me any good bricked. So if he can fix it, it’s already worth it. If he can’t, I’m only out the shipping. Anyway, good luck man!

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  7. First off congratulations! It couldn’t happen to a nicer or more talented gaming blogger and someone whose opinion I highly respect and look to when I’m deciding what games to add to my backlog! That is super rad, to use a phrase I consistently hear from you hehe. Kudos for helping bringing that adage back into the world. It’s one of my favorite “older” as in 90s sayings, right up there with “salty,” which I really glad has been revived, as well. Is Switch Player an online mag or a bonefide physical entity? Either way do you have details on how we could get a sub to it? I like ti support my friends!

    Breath of the Wild is a really hard act to follow, and I’ve been there before with all types of media. This is a weird example, but I made the mistake of seeing The Da Vinci Code right after I finished the book, and since movies tend to cut things from novels and often miss nuances, I was a little disappointed. On later viewing, I liked the movie, because I was further removed from the source, so I think you’ll be able to enjoy HZD once the wonder of BOTW have tampered down a bit.

    I’m still playing FF: Brave Exvius, and I’m desperately trying to draw Setzer since they have an FFVI special thing going on complete with a Floating Continent event. I failed to draw Lightning or this other character Fryevia, and I’m annoyed because I have the latter’s trust moogle, and it’s only worth 800 gil if I sell. I even spent legitimate money! $20 for 3000 lapis so I could do numerous summons. I did manage to get Terra, which is awesome, but how am I going to complete my white haired pretty boy party without Setzer and (god willing if/when they do that event) Sephiroth?! I have Cecil and Kuja already. God…I’m rambling, sorry about that. FFBE is still really fun. There’s a lot to do even though some of the mechanics are a bit limiting. You have to have enough NRG to do anything in the game, and you get a daily allotment. You need lapis to do other things and gil for still more. The wiki is at least decent with maps and telling you how to fulfill quests and whatnot; the story is decidedly Final Fantasy, and the music is nothing less than amazing.

    Also working on my longer than even World of Final Fantasy review. Tama holds sway as the most annoying character to ever grace the series.


    1. Thank you! It means a lot that you value my opinion and want to follow my antics elsewhere. Switch Player is similar to Game Informer, where it’s a website but does a printed magazine as well over on Patreon. Right now I’m handling news so they can get a feel for me, so I’m not sure if anything of mine will appear in the next issue. I’m making it a personal goal to show up in the following issue, though, and if I do I’ll let you know! Otherwise, is the URL for the website and they have a free PDF of the magazine digitally as well.

      I do think the smartest thing to do is distance myself from Zelda for a bit before continuing Breath of the Wild. I’m playing a visual novel on Vita right now that’s pretty good, so that, along with Darksiders, should make for an adequate palate cleanser.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying FFBE so much. Everyone I know that’s played it has really liked it, which says a lot for a mobile game.

      Looking forward to the WoFF review! One day I’ll finish that damn game! I forget where I left off… after riding the big turtle, I think? Maybe after the red dragon fight?

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      1. Oh cool. I figured it was an online affair, and yes, please let us know if anything of yours gets published!

        Yep, Zelda pretty much set the bar too high. I

        It’s weird. FFBE has a really low rating on Grouvee, like in the 2.00 range, which I was really shocked by. I guess it’s the people who don’t like freemium games, but from what I’m hearing it’s no different from the typical ones, and it’s Final Fantasy so superior storytelling and music are a plus. I’ll hopefully get to continue the story in a little while, but I just got some tips from LightningEllen about where to find a bunch of Espers that I missed, so more side quests it is.

        I’m just trying to keep the WOFF review under the length of the FFIV review. That shouldn’t be too hard of a feat.

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  8. Whoa dude! Congrats on getting a job for Switch Player! That’s amazing man :) Getting to work on, with, or around video games is a dream of mine.

    And another big congrats for finishing Zelda! I am taking my second break from it – burning me out trying to get all the shrines :O

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