It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

Not a lot of gaming time for me this week, but I did manage to click my way through the first chapter of the PC adventure game The Journey Down and even got a review up. Since last week’s wrap-up post, I also finished up Thimbleweed Park on PS4 (which was excellent) and jumped into The Coma: Recut (which hasn’t grabbed me yet).

The Coma: Recut is a 2D horror game similar to Claire: Extended Cut (review). The hand-drawn art style and animations are pretty well done, but the gameplay hook is doing nothing for me. Like I explained last week, you play as a Korean high school student who falls asleep during finals and wakes up to a dark, empty version of his school. There’s blood everywhere, mysterious notes that recount explosions and other odd events he doesn’t remember, and the only other person he can find is the teacher he has a massive crush on. Of course, she’s possessed now and wants to shove a butcher knife between his ribs.

In typical survival horror fashion, you have to explore every nook and cranny of the school in order to find key items and unlock the path forward. The teacher serves as a constant annoyance who shows up at random and chases you around until you either break her line-of-sight by hiding in lockers or she successfully brings your insides outside. If the encounters were planned I think I’d like it a bit more, but so far it’s been a mildly uninteresting game of “one step forward, three steps back.” This isn’t my kind of horror game at all. Either way, I’ll see it through to the end and get a review up as soon as possible. I highly doubt the stalker aspect of the game changes during its back half.

With The Journey Down being a trio of shorter episodes, I do plan on dipping into chapter two over the weekend. If you read my review of chapter one, you’ll know that it abruptly ended and soon as the actual adventure began (but it’s still a good time), so I look forward to seeing where the adventure goes from here.

The game I’ve been spending most of my erratic free time with is Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online on PS4, which releases on October 10th. I was hoping to have a review up on launch day, but its run-time is estimated around 20 hours so I’m not entirely sure that’s doable anymore. I have an essay due on Sunday, two exams, and three other assignments due over the weekend, so unless next week is a bit more relaxed I highly doubt I’ll finish the game in time. Perhaps that’s for the best since the game does have an online co-op mode that I can’t truly test until it’s in the hands of the public. I’m going to avoid getting into the meat of the game here since a review is definitely in the works, but it’s essentially a Sword Art Online game with Neptunia characters and humor — for better or worse.

As for what else is in the works, a close friend of mine will be guest-reviewing Mary Skelter: Nightmares on Vita and Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder on PS4 here at Cheap Boss Attack. I was asked to review both games but I had already bitten off more than I could chew. Rather than outright decline the reviews, I wanted to ask around and see if anyone else would be interested in taking them on as a guest contributor and luckily found someone I knew I could rely on. These two reviews will actually be the first posts to go up here not written by me since 2011, so that’s kind of exciting.

Outside of playing games, I’m currently watching a few Let’s Plays over on the ol’ YouTube.

I started watching FightinCowboy play through the newest DLC for Nioh, Bloodshed’s End, before I remembered I never finished his LP of the core game, so I started that one over. It’s quite long. My girlfriend and I started watching Cryaotic’s new LP for Little Nightmares, which is up to episode 3 as of today.

GG Gab also uploaded two massive episodes for her new horror LPs. The first is a Thai horror game called Home Sweet Home, which shares gameplay elements with The Coma: Recut. You play as a guy navigating a nightmarish world inspired by Thai mythology, where a creepy girl with a box cutter melts out of bloody walls. The sound of her box cutter clicking whenever she’s nearby is unsettling and the atmosphere looks great for being crafted by such a small team. The other game is a first-person Lovecraftian horror title called The Land of Pain, which I know nothing about.

With October rounding the corner on Sunday and my girlfriend and I being massive horror nerds that love Halloween more than anything, we plan to watch one horror film per night throughout Halloween Month™. This gave me an idea for two different articles.

First, I wanted to go through Netflix and comprise a list of horror film recommendations, but I have to wait until October 1st to see what else is being added to the streaming service. If anyone reading this is remotely interested in the idea and also/only has a Hulu subscription, let me know. I don’t mind adding a few extras to the list for you fellow Hulu folks. Then, I wanted to play around with some of the rad, free games on and provide a similar list of short, interesting, and unique horror games to check out to help get everyone into the Halloween spirit. I’ve downloaded about twenty-ish games on my app and I’ll be jumping in and out of them sporadically over the next 48-hours to see what’s worth recommending.

What about you, folks? Got any gaming plans this weekend?

39 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. I honestly can’t stop playing Harvest Moon 64 lately. I’ve never finished the game, so it’s my intention to work on that for the next little bit! Hope your test yesterday went well, by the way.

    Congrats on finishing up Thimbleweed Park. I’ve heard some good things about that one, and as a lover of point-and-clicks, I think I’m destined to get around to playing that one someday. I’m glad you liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I could have stuck around longer for the HM64 stream. I’ll have to hop on Twitch and catch the recorded highlights. I also need to start your Spellcaster LP on YT.

      Thanks! It’s pretty incredible and knowing you’re a fan of Monkey Island, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hey no worries! I wish I had more time to stream these days, but last week’s week-long stream put me so far behind in work that I’m scrambling a bit now. No regrets!

        I love love love Monkey Island! I really need to play Grim Fandango one of these days too.

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  2. Nice! I got this week’s review up (Hopefully people will like the reference gag I went for) and I cracked for a certain new game. So I’ll be streaming that a bit tonight after I fill my belly with din din. Wooooooo!

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  3. Still playing DA Origins… Beat the main game, Leliana’s Song, and Witch Hunt so far. Next up is Awakening! I’m thinking about checking out Hellblade this weekend too. If you see SenuaEllen on Twitter, you’ll know I liked it, haha.

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  4. The Coma looked pretty cool, and it’s something I’d like to try. I’ve got my eye on a new one from Devolver too; I think it’s called Ruiner but I can’t remember off hand. I’ve managed to play some Torment and it’s pretty fantastic. I’ve also finally got a new laptop so the XCOM 2 expansion is lined up!


  5. I played The Journey Down when it was on Gamejolt, never finished it though. I just finished SteamWorld Dig 2. Haven’t decided on the next title to play yet since I will be busy with major class projects soon (the horror).
    I’ve been watching John Wolfe play Home Sweet Home and his latest upload which was chapter 3 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. Currently watching Mr.Kravin play Helltown. On a side-note, as someone who is from Thailand, I have to say most of the lore regarding the ghosts is on point. Even the police station level was accurate on how your typical Thai police station looks. Pretty excited to see how rest of the game looks.

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    1. The Journey Down has the makings of a good adventure game, it’s just missing the adventure part lol. I hear great things about SWD2, but never got into the first game (or Heist, for that matter).

      School is quite time consuming and the major reason I can’t bring myself to even start Persona 5 or Nioh.

      Haven’t heard of Helltown, so I’ll have to look into it.


  6. Haha yeah, I didn’t have the patience to finish the first chapter for The Journey Down. Too much of a fetch quest that never seemed to end for me.

    It is, it doesn’t help that I have 3 major projects lined up already for this trimester with all similar deadlines. Haven’t finished Bioshock Infinite as a result. I just want to go on a massive gaming marathon already XD

    Helltown seems interesting so far, although I haven’t given my full attention at times so I am a little lost as to what is going on story-wise. Probably going to end up rewatching it so I actually understand the story.


    1. Chapter one is just a big fetch quest, and once the adventure starts the credits roll. Chapter 2 is far more interesting at least, but still suffers from the same technical problems as the first.

      Man, just lock me away for a year and let me work on my backlog. That’s all I need!


  7. It’s lovely that the weekend has arrived. Personally, I haven’t had much time to game other than the little I could after starting on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on PS4, project in college has been keeping one busy with little to no sleep as a report had to be delivered last Friday.
    So mostly it has just been watching series on Netflix or Crunchyroll, a few old classic movies and some Youtube shows. Next week will be interesting, but I got to say, the Coma Recut sounds like an interesting game to try out from what you have written.
    I did enjoy reading your review on Thimblewed Park, helped me keep awake on an all-nighter a few days ago. Hope you’ll enjoy the weekend.
    Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What are your thoughts on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? I never got into the original but always thought it looked neat.

      I hear ya on being busy. Sometimes it’s easier to just watch TV than have to focus more on a game. Thanks for reading and stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So far for a reboot of the Mirror’s Edge universe? I enjoy it, there are many things that are fun to do in terms of collectibles, sidequests and trials, where you got a chance to be the best in the world.
        Characters are more interesting this time around, although a little cliché as in there isn’t anything you haven’t seen before being done here. Yet since it’s all in first person, it makes you more invested in the story, and the story is quite interesting to watch unfold as you parkour around the city.
        However, I still love the original more.

        It was enjoyable to read, saw Red Mage’s interview with you and from there I kept reading some of your pieces before choosing to follow. You have an intriguing way of expressing yourself in writing, so I do look forward to more in the future :)


        1. Thanks! I’ll have to give Well-Red a virtual hug for sharing his audience with me lol.

          The original Mirror’s Edge was one of the first 360 games I played last-gen and the parkour controls just never clicked. I’d like to go back and revisit it (and still have the 360 version digitally on Xbox One).

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