It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

Yesterday was my last official day of the fall semester. Not only that, but my last day of college for… quite a while. I’m three classes away from my AA, but I live in the middle of nowhere and have to take all of my classes online. These three just happen to not be available in that format.

So yay for getting a break from the excruciating stress that comes along with going to school in your thirties, but boo to having to wait another year to finish my 2-year program. We plan on moving from the east coast to the west in 2018, so that’s fine. I have a lot of busy stuff planned for December, but after being a full-time student for two years January is going bring the fun task of job hunting. A cross-country move isn’t going to pay for itself.

But enough about that. We’re venturing into Game of the Year territory now that it’s December, which is always a fun time. I plan on starting Prey later tonight and hope to finish it before digging into the end-of-year discussion. Other than that, my girlfriend and I have been playing Destiny 2 and Overwatch in between her current re-obsession with Fallout 4. Skyrim is still my go-to Switch game during workouts or before bed, and I have a separate save on the PS4’s Enhanced Edition because apparently, you can never play too much Skyrim. It’s nice to have around when I don’t want to focus on anything mentally taxing.

What about you, folks? Got any gaming plans this weekend? Part of me wants to go collapse on the bed, while the other wants to fire up Prey. Decision, decisions.

35 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. Well I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 on my desktop this past week. I saw it covered on CGR recently, and hadn’t even heard there was a second one. I’m not a die-hard Pac-Man fan. I enjoy the classics from time to time. But I’d never seen this one. So during the Steam Autumn Sale I picked it up while Christmas shopping for friends. It’s pretty trippy, and a departure from the first one. Oddly enough, I found the 3DS version of the first one while I was getting a certain major console for my nieces. So I’ll probably fire that one up too over the weekend.


  2. As you know, I fired up Ultima IV last night and it’s hard. I’d like to continue more of that this weekend but we have some travel in the works so I’m not sure how much of that will happen. I’m in a need-a-distraction kind of mood, so I might pop in my old bootleg 72-in-1 cart and have at Circus Charlie until I pass out (I could never quite make it through the trapeze level at the end.) Congrats on wrapping up your coursework for the time being. I hope you enjoy your well-deserved break just in time for the holidays!

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  3. I’m so close to the end of Undertale! I’ll get that finished today and then probably opt for something nostalgic: it’s always at this time of year that I feel like revisiting Skyrim, Fable or Monkey Island.

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          1. As much as we try not to let nostalgia influence us, it always seems to get in the way somehow! I originally played the games mentioned above during the winter so it kind of makes sense I’d go back to them at this time of year.

            Then again, I could opt to play Detention… as someone recently recommended to me…!

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  4. I’m glad your checking out Prey, I loved it and feel like its getting overlooked.

    For me I just beat Horizon: Zero Dawn an hour ago and am thinking about starting up Yakuza 0 this evening.


    1. I thought I’d stick with Mario in the post-game stuff, since it was absolutely incredible, but I had a few other games I wanted to finish before the end of the year. I’m sure I’ll dive back in sometime in 2018.

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  5. I decided to play some more of Far Cry 4. The main story feels enjoyable but all the side missions are starting to annoy me. They feel like busy work more than anything and that’s not what I want. Having played Far Cry 3 I’m not surprised by the side stuff, I’m just not interested in it. I’ll put some more time into and see how it goes.


    1. Oddly enough, I’ve had FC4 in my XB1 backlog since the game launched. I’ve tried several times to get into it and did manage to sink about 6 hours, but yeah… incredibly dull side-quests and stuff. I had the most fun in co-op just dicking around and taking over camps, but the solo game is pretty unremarkable.

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          1. There are good things about The Division. The campaign is good, curios to heat your thoughts of things past that. Destiny 2 …. good things…. bad things. Again, would like to hear your opinion.


  6. Holy shit, I’m answering a Freakin’ Weekend post on the day it comes out! o.O I cut back on how many blog emails I was getting so I could concentrate on the ones I really didn’t want to miss, and I can start checking out the Reader, ah, maybe at work. Yay for winter break!

    I want to play some more Mario Odyssey. I still have to finish up the Luncheon Kingdom, and I’m hearing there are only two more after that, BUT the after game is really extensive, and I can finally find out what the hell those grey boxes are about (I know they have moons in them, but I had to run away when I googled them since it blared “MAJOR SPOILERS”) I’ve been slacking on it to dive into Etrian Odyssey V, which I’m seriously shocked I like so much. It’s not like any RPG I’ve ever really gotten into before with characters you customize as opposed to following along with (i.e. Final Fantasy). It’s all about exploration and map drawing (something else I’m surprised I like since I suck at direction), and the game makes it really easy in that regard. Granted, the fights aren’t easy even to start and you really have to set up your party correctly, but it’s really rewarding and an interesting experience. I wish the full game wasn’t $40, but eh, it’s cool. The 3DS does this thing where it gives you a certain amount of times you can boot up a game before (I’m guessing) you loss all of your progress or buy it.

    Might fire up Assassin’s Creed tonight. I have my ginger pills for my nausea, and I’m at a part where I can buy some new gear. I love that kind of stuff :D


    1. Yay! Welcome to the Non-tardy Party!

      Mario Odyssey’s post-game is FULL of content, so if you’re enjoying it and plan on sticking around a while you’re unlikely to run out of things do to anytime soon.

      I never got into Etrian, but loved its Persona cross-over on 3DS, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. They have neat map drawing mechanics.

      Woo! AC Origins was so good! I saw they were adding an update next year that removes the combat altogether and just turns it into a narrative adventure game. Stoked to check that mode out.

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        1. It’ll be optional, yeah. I think they called it an education mode or something, just for people who want to explore Egypy and soak in the lore instead.

          I tried a few of the earlier games and they just never clicked (Etrian, not AC). I picked up IV digitally for $5 during an eShop sale but never made it far. I hate their punishing challenge and need more story in my RPGs if I’m going to invest that much time into them.

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          1. There really isn’t a lot of story in it. It’s just all about the exploration. I think the map drawing reminds me of solving a puzzle, because I’m usually not into those types of RPGs either. I like the story heavy, FMV crazy JRPGs, but there’s something about this I just can’t put my finger on. Is IV similar to V? I’m guessing they have similar gameplay aspects.

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