It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

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[REVIEW] Knight Terrors

Knight Terrors
Developer: Freak Zone Games
Publisher: Nicalis
Available on: Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
Price: $2.99 USD
In a nutshell: Ghosts n’ Goblins meets Flappy Bird

Serving up equal parts Ghosts n’ Goblins and Flappy Bird, Freak Zone Games’ Knight Terrors is an affordably priced pick-up-and-play arcade game that’s as addictive as it is simplistic. It’s a spooky looking endless runner (and flapper?) that ramps up the challenge and rewards persistence with additional modes and power-ups, and despite incurring a few minor issues it’s definitely deserving of a place on your Nintendo Switch.

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[REVIEW] Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park
Developer: Terrible Toybox
Publisher: Terrible Toybox
Available on: PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Linux, Mac via Steam & Mac App Store, Android (coming Oct. 7th), iOS
Price: $19.99 USD

Those of you who grew up gaming during the point-and-click adventure boom in the 80s and 90s likely have fond memories of Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick’s Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones, and Monkey Island titles. If you spent many a night pixel hunting as a pirate or shamefully microwaving hamsters, maybe even watching The X-Files or Twin Peaks in the process, then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on Terrible Toybox’s new small-town adventure, Thimbleweed Park.

With an ensemble cast, a pixel aesthetic, and plenty of verb-using gameplay, the duo of Gilbert and Winnick aimed to make Thimbleweed Park feel like “opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before,” when they took to Kickstarter in 2014. After spending about a dozen hours with the PlayStation 4 version I can confidently say they’ve succeeded in their vision, but does a game that banks this much on nostalgia appeal to a brand new audience?

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[REVIEW] Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack (Nintendo Switch)

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack
Developer: Inti Creates (self-published)
Available on: Nintendo Switch (reviewed), 3DS (released in 2016)
Price: $39.99 USD

While Capcom is clearly uninterested in furthering the Mega Man franchise beyond console cycle re-releases and fighting game cameos, Inti Creates broke away from them in 1996 and have been steadily carving their niche in a similar genre by way of the Mega Man Zero & ZX series (and assisting Comcept with the development of Mighty No. 9, but shhhh!). If you’re a current Nintendo Switch owner, you’re probably familiar with their work on Blaster Master Zero as well.

Their latest release, however, isn’t entirely new. Azure Striker Gunvolt is a 2D action platformer that initially released in 2014 on the Nintendo 3DS, with an immediate sequel on the same platform in 2016. The Striker Pack itself, which contains both games and their respective updates on a single cartridge, also released on the 3DS during the fall of last year — which is essentially what you’re getting here on the Switch for $39.99 USD, in addition to its newly implemented HD visuals, 60fps gameplay, and rumble feedback.

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CA! Radio Episode 127: Time for a Switch!

This week, Chuck, Omar, and I discuss Omar’s new Switch ownership (welcome to the club!) and his unfortunate purchase of Puyo Puyo Tetris, while I try my damnedest to sell him on Thumper. Chuck fills us in on Alien: Covenant, I ramble on about the Telltale games I’ve been catching up on, and Omar educates this console heathen on the PC-exclusive dungeon crawler, Starcrawlers.

I brought up next week’s talking point, in which we’ll discuss so-called “mediocre” and AA games we’ve enjoyed over the years. Essentially, games that we continued playing because of unique ideas or mechanics, despite them not being technical marvels or big-budget titles.

If you have anything that fits that description, feel free to sound off in the comments with a brief two or three sentence answer and we’ll do our best to read it during our next recording on Tuesday.

As always, thanks for listening!

CA! Radio Ep 127: Time for a Switch (06/01/2017) ♪This week the final member of the gang Switches to Nintendo’s new console and we dive into Starcrawlers, Thumper

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Switch Player Wrap-Up (Week of May 29th)

Hey, folks! I just wanted to keep everyone up to date on what I’ve been working on throughout the week over at If you already follow my news antics over there, then I apologize for double-posting and thank you for your continued support! Or maybe I don’t. It’s a surprise, really.

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It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

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