It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

With Battle For Azeroth landing Monday evening, it should be no surprise that I’ll be spending every ounce of the weekend’s free time leveling up my Nightfallen Priest. I’m in the home stretch, having just dinged level 101 of 110, so I should easily hit the level cap with a free day to spare.


I was pretty set on maining my usual Warlock in Battle For Azeroth, but I decided on Shadow Priest instead. I always end up leveling and playing my Warlock, Shadow Priest, and Moonkin every expansion, but Shadow Priest edged out the others as the first to 120 and my core main this time around. I like having a healing spell, an interrupt, a Resurrection spell without a cooldown timer, a slow fall ability, and a fairly relaxed spell rotation, plus I can get into matchmaking raids quicker if I offspec healing.

With my favorite Warlock spec (Demonology) getting entirely reworked in Battle For Azeroth, I also wanted to give Blizzard time to iron it out a little once the other Warlock players hit the level cap and begin raiding.

undernight - Copy

Outside of WoW, I’ve mainly been catching up on EVO 2018 stuff. I really liked the UNIEST (short for the absurdly named Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late(st), and sometimes acronymed UNIEL) and Fighting EX Layer top 4’s, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed watching top 8’s for Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, and Dragon Ball FighterZ, given that I’m not really into those series. Street Fighter V’s top 8 was great, as was Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 and BlazBlue Cross-tag Battle. I really want to check out UNIEST when (or if) its price drops.

I did receive a review key for Fire Pro Wrestling World on PS4, which I’m installing as we speak. I’ve been looking forward to the game for a while now (especially as a NJPW fan) and can’t wait to dive in.

What about you, folks? Any gaming plans this weekend?

23 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. Per usual I’m working Saturday, but I hope to get in some more time with SLAM LAND which I recently reviewed. It’s on PC/PS4/Switch, and it’s a lot of fun. One of the better Smash-likes I’ve seen in a while. I may start a stream through of Serious Sam III as I’ve done Serious Sam TFE/TSE, and Serious Sam 2. I also hope to get in some Splatoon 2 matches if possible. Sunday I’ll definitely be playing some more Thunder Spirits which is the Super NES version of Thunder Force III, one of the greatest shmups ever. Glad to see you were able to catch some of EVO. My schedule didn’t really allow for it, though I was interested to see some of the Street Fighter, Tekken, MK, and Smash matches.


    1. I saw! I really liked the first game once I went the full-on shadow killer route and could turn stealth kills into dust. I didn’t care for the game when I tried to do a no kill run, though. As much as I dug Dishonored, though, I’ve yet to dive into the sequel or Death of the Outsider DLC chapter.


  2. This weekend I am bouncing between Super Robot Wars V and Octopath Traveller. Well that’s the plan, but overtime at work may scupper those hopes.


  3. I’ve played some Fire Pro on PC and it is pretty great. There were tons of top created characters available for it too.

    I’m plugging away at Hollow Night, Dead Cells, and Phantom Doctrine right now. I think I’ll be stuck on them for a while.


    1. I can’t wait to see what the PS4 community comes up with. I’m sure the PC version is far superior in terms of CAWs, but the PS4 was just fine for the WWE games. Right now there’s no online features until the game officially releases, but man, I’m having a blast so far. Especially as a huge NJPW fan.

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  4. I watched a little bit of EVO as I’m really into BBTAG right now, especially since the new character packs dropped!

    I really like UNIB with the way combos can scale down as well as up. It makes for an interesting mechanic in a fighting game. Ex:Late(st) is coming out on PC this month, so really excited to see what extra it has to offer!

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    1. UNIEST and BBTag are at the top of my list of games to pick up, especially UNIEST since it’s a complete package. BBTag I want to hold off in case they release a deluxe edition because I definitely want all of the DLC characters.


      1. BBTAG has a deluxe edition on PC that unlocks all the character packs. Not sure if the same goes for console though.

        I’ve played way more BBTAG than Under Night, but I definitely recommend them both!


  5. I really want to get both BB Cross Tag and Tekken 7.
    As to what I’ll be playing…Overwatch. I get limited time on it, but I’ve been aiming for reaching a lecel that lets me into competitive within a month. One week in and I’m 5 levels short at the moment, so I’ll be working towards fixing that.


    1. I saw Best Buy dropped Tekken 7 to $20 USD, which is super tempting. I’d want to pick up Noctis and Geese DLC, though, which is another $16. Blargh. Season passes are why it’s so hard for me to invest into fighting games early on. BB Cross Tag is right up my alley too. I like UNIEST, BB, and Persona, but again, the DLC is more than I can put out right now and I kind of want to hold off in case they release a deluxe edition or something.


      1. Yeah, I tend to hold out for deluxe editions too. The whole extra character DLC thing annoys me, especially when it’s high priced. It kinda makes it feel like I’m only getting hand a game to start with.


  6. I don’t know what I want to play rn, I’m sorta wanting to go back to Dragon Age Origins and just whack my way through Darkspawn. On the other hand I ~should~ be writing/editing… ugh.


    1. I saw Onrush was free to play this weekend on Xbox One but my Gold subscription lapsed and I wasn’t sure if there was any single player stuff to warrant the download. Looks rad, though.


  7. This past weekend I finally finished Far Cry 5 and am now working on Dead Cells. This is my first rogue like game and I’m loving it. I like that even tho I die and start all over that you do feel progression in dying. I still suck at it but it still has me coming back.

    My cousins, brother and a friend are playing WoW and I must say I’m definitely missing it some and am getting that itch to get back into it. But then my backlog of games would just grow again. So I watch random people playing and watch YouTube vids to scratch it.


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