It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

Battle For Azeroth launched on Monday, so it should come as no surprise that I plan to spend all of my free time this weekend on WoW. My girlfriend and I hit the new level cap of 120 last night and we’re both looking forward to seeing where the expansion goes from here.

So far, it has been a blast. It’s split into two new continents (Zandalar and Kul Tiras) with each broken down into three separate questing zones. Horde players start off in the troll populated Zandalar, while the Alliance begins on Kul Tiras instead. The entirety of the leveling process is done within the faction’s three zones, with short visits to the other in order to set up rival footholds. Upon hitting the new level cap, lucrative “world quests” open up on the opposing continent and that’s where I find myself today.

Overall, it took a little over a dozen hours to quest out ten new levels and I had a lot of fun in the process. I still have half of the final zone to quest out, which surprised me. By comparison, Legion (the previous expansion) had four new questing zones instead of three, but I found Battle For Azeroth’s three zones to be far more interesting both from a story and design perspective. I can’t speak on the quality of the Alliance continent yet, but Zandalar is beautiful.

My plan is to stick with my 120 Shadow Priest, doing all of the raiding and rep grinding on them, while slowly leveling up my other favorite classes just to add a dash of variety. Frost Mage is a lot of fun and mine is sitting at level 105, so I’m sure I’ll be juggling that and whatever awaits my Priest at 120. Then it’s on to the Moonkin Druid, the Demonology Warlock, the Elemental Shaman, then the Outlaw Rogue. It never ends!

What about you, folks? Any big gaming plans this weekend?

32 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. I finished HZD at least as far as I’m getting for the moment (hunting grounds aren’t 100% done but they are frustrating at the moment so a break will be good). So I’m trying to decide what to choose next. I have nothing that I’m not dipping in and out of on the go now so now to start something else.

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      1. Yeah I’ve finished that, again hunting challenges aside and I think some of the Fireclaws are still to be defeated but before I get too annoyed with myself for messing up I need a break. It was so good. I loved how it tied in and you could get some information that ties in to the main game story. I love how Aloy and the Banuk interact and learning more of their customs. Just going through the story within the DLC was so good and I loved the snowy setting.

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        1. I finished basically everything except for the warchief hunting grounda challenge. Blew all my resources on that one and don’t feel like foraging before I can try again. Next time, I’ll just save and load 😑

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    1. Haha, I have plenty of unopened games I picked up either on sale or (ashamedly) at launch. I know FFXV is pretty polarizing among FF fans, but I absolutely loved it. It’s probably my new favorite numbered entry, bumping down VIII.

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  2. Nice work on blasting up to 120 on WoW! I miss the days of starting up the expansions on release day and seeing everyone together again.

    I finished Hollow Knight yesterday and I’m picking away at Dead Cells here and there. Apart from that, I’m constantly playing Phantom Doctrine at every opportunity!

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  3. Hmmmmm this weekend is a mystery to me. I just finished the 2016 reboot of ratchet and clank, so onwards to something new! I’m thinking of powering through the tomb raider reboot in advance of the new game coming out, but I may also finish A Hat in Time. Or just try random Steam games until I find something that hooks me!


  4. I’ve got a stack of retro titles to play, including BEAMRIDER for the 2600 which is the rarest version of the game. (I have it on C64, but it’s nice to have the VCS version too). With the Walk With Elias show cancelled, I’ll be playing those, and trying to improve my Splatoon 2 skills with the Explosher. Also Spicy Calamari Inkantation is as infectious an earworm as ever.

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      1. Yes, yes it is. I decided to do that Whistling Cavern since it and the Carrion Caves have the same danger level. Last time I tried it the optional boss in there handed me my ass, but I brought Olberic, Primrose, H’aanit, and Tressa and it went so much easier since he’s weak to spears, arrows, and darkness. I was thinking there was something more in there, but it seems like it’s part of some side quest. Currently Olberic, Tressa, and Primrose are up to the recommended level for Chapter 2, but I want to get the rest there. I kind of like the Caverns better than the Carrion Cave.

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        1. You are definitely further than I am, haha. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, though! I have 2 more characters to recruit and then the grind begins to start the chapter 2’s. I just completely stopped playing it once the new WoW expansion came out and never went back… and then started the new Shining Resonance game. So it’ll be a few weeks at the least. I’m just glad it’s more episodic instead of one giant story, so it’ll be easier to jump back in without feeling completely lost.

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          1. Oooh I better shut up then lol. Ah that’s right you were totally buried in WoW. That happens to me, too. Hell it happened with FFVI when I got Octopath :p The Carrion Caves near Bolderdam is a nice spot for leveling if you’re well in your 20s. Otherwise I’d go to the Whistling Cave near Primrose’s hometown whose name is escaping me. Sun-something.

            I like the episodic nature, too. Maybe they did that to get people used to the idea of FFVII as episodic for the Remake, which….we’ll see.


            1. I think my main 4 are 18 or so in Octopath, but I like finding a nice grinding spot and spending an hour here and there when I can’t focus on the story. That’s what I’m doing with Shining Resonance. It has an NPC in the main town that can teleport you to a dungeon that exists purely for XP grinding. Monster levels scale with your highest level party member so it’s a constant source of easy XP that doesn’t require running around and waiting on respawns.

              Between Octopath, Ni no Kuni 2, Dragon Quest XI next week, and the rest of my rpg backlog, I’m buried in JRPG heaven right now lol.

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              1. That’s another thing I love about Occtopath. You can fast travel to any town pretty much at any time, so there’s need to worry if you get you just barely make it out of a fight. It seems kind of cheap if you’re a serious/challenge-loving player, but I like having that escape clause.

                That’s how I was feeling with JRPGs, but now I’m only concentrating on Octopath. I haven’t touched FFVI in like a month, and I feel kinda bad about that, but Octopath requires SO much time. A lot of people’s chapters kind of cross over like a Chapter 3 will start in the same place as another character’s Chapter 2 so I’m kind of like, “Well I want to just do them at the same time so maybe I should level this character up.”

                I saw Dragon Quest XI is out next week! I should add that to my backlog…

                Oh, random, but I started watching Chris Odd’s LP of Oxenfree. Holy crap is that game creepy.

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                1. Oxenfree is goooood. It’s like a teen Twin Peaks.

                  I’m at the halfway point of my current JRPG and once that’s done I’m jumping RIGHT into DQXI. I can’t wait. Then I have to finish Octopath and Tokyo Xanadu… and Xenoblade 2’s story DLC is this month and supposedly 20-40 hours… and I bought Ni no Kuni 2 and the Shenmue collection. HELP!

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                  1. Ahhhhh it’s so goood!!! I’ve never actually seen Twin Peaks, but I freaking love that game. Apparently there’s something else coming out soon ARG? I can’t wait to write my review of it. I loved the voice acting and the aesthetic was perfect for what it was about.

                    Look dude, your life is planned out for the next 20 years. I can’t help you. My life is planned out beyond retirement. I’m going to have to postpone death :p


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