It’s the Freakin’ Weekend, So What Are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

With Thanksgiving holiday travel done and dusted, it’s finally time to resume my regularly scheduled weekend wrap-ups. Woo!

My girlfriend and I are still working our way back through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but we haven’t had much time to play due to the aforementioned holiday stuff and getting used to a new antidepressant cocktail. I spent a couple of days in Maryland with my grandmother, uncle, and cousin and met the cousin’s boyfriend for the first time. Seems like a good dude and we hit it off surprisingly well, despite our age gap. I was the only grandchild in the family for 13 years (I’m old, shut the fuck up), so now I’m 37 when she’s merely 21. Her boyfriend turned out to be a huge gaming nerd, so we talked about RPGs and what little anime I’ve watched. It was nice to *finally* meet him after all this time.

As far as Witcher 3 progress goes, we’re still in Skellige and taking our time uncovering the maps, doing all the quests that aren’t Gwent, racing, or brawling related, and going with Triss over Yennefer. Such a great game.

Otherwise, I’ve only had short bursts of time so I’ve been playing Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon on my Switch. I’m selling off some PS4 games and amiibo because I went a little crazy over Black Friday and grabbed a handful of Switch games while they were on sale on the eShop. I grabbed Into the Breach (the only full-price purchase), The Messenger, Enter the Gungeon, Minit, West of Loathing, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Undertale, and Darkest Dungeon’s Ancestral Edition bundle. I’ll never be at a loss for Switch games to play, that’s for sure.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon reminds me so much of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, which I have a LOT of nostalgia for. It was the first game I ever purchased myself, pooling together all of my birthday money the year it released. I’ve spent countless hours going through branching paths, recruiting Grant, Sypha, and Alucard, and enduring the misery of the clock tower level and its stupid flying medusa heads. Grrr.

Curse of the Moon is super rad, though, and I’m surprised it’s only $10 at full price. I think I paid $5 and it’s chock-full of quality. The pixels are beautiful, the music is just as good as you’d want a Castlevania-inspired spin-off to be, and I really like the idea of being able to switch between all of the characters on the fly. Everyone has their role to fill, with Zangetsu feeling straight out of Ninja Gaiden with his short-ranged-yet-powerful sword slashes, Miriam as the more-familiar whip wielder, Alfred as the Sypha-like spellcaster, and Gebel filling the Alucard role with his bat form. It’s… great. Really, really great.

If I wasn’t firing up Curse of the Moon I was dipping my toes into Enter the Gungeon. I’ve played similar games in the past, like Nuclear Throne, and they never did anything for me. Enter the Gungeon, though, has its hooks in me pretty deep. It’s a procedurally generated roguelite with a silly story, frantic bullethell gameplay, and great music. It’s perfect to pick up and do “just one more run” if I have 15-20 minutes to spare. I haven’t gotten further than the second floor, but I always feel like I’m improving and unlocking new stuff — which is what made games like Risk of Rain and Rogue Legacy connect with me so well.

That about does it for me, folks. What about you? Get any gaming in during the holiday or have anything rad planned for this weekend?

30 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend, So What Are You Playing?

  1. I will be playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey forever. I’m in chapter 7 and loving it. I may try and tackle MGS V: Ground Zeroes, as well, so I can go into the game proper soon.


  2. I’ll be working most of my Saturday, but I hope to get in a little bit of time at night. A lot of my free time will be taken up with Christmas shopping for the foreseeable future. That said, I have enjoyed going through my VCS pickups. I’ll probably be checking out some more of those.


          1. Yeah I’m back to a full schedule, and don’t have to adhere to a low fat diet anymore. Though I have noticed inconsistency in how I handle fatty food. I can eat a burger one day, and be fine. Eat that same burger a few days later, and have to run to the bathroom after 20min. So I think either my system is still adjusting, or I’m just falling apart from the inside out lol.

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  3. How dare you choose Triss over Yennefer! I’m just kidding :). I always go with Yen though. I hate Roguelites and since Enter the Gungeon is one I decided not to invest in it even though it looks super fun to play. I’ll rather wait for the other Bloodstained to drop over the one you’re currently playing. I’ll probably revisit Hollow Knight at some point though.

    I got back into Guild Wars 2 so my social life will be on hiatus for a bit lol. Guild Wars 2 and Phantasy Star Online 2 are both in rotation right now. I haven’t played Guild Wars 2 in forever so I’m playing catch up with my level 80 thief right now. I might roll a new character until I get comfortable playing again and then use my thief because I’m really struggling in the game right now. I also have Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Far Cry 5, and Thronebreaker to play through. I’m almost at the end of Dragon Quest 11 and I’m currently mad at it so I haven’t played it in a few days :). I plan on finishing it before Christmas.

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    1. I haven’t read the books so I have no attachment to Yenn. In that regard, moody goth with an attitude loses to cute redhead that flings fireballs.

      I never managed to check out Guild Wars 2. I’m always afraid of juggling too many MMOs and I get hooked into them pretty badly.

      I know I won’t get to DQXI before the end of the year, so I’m working on my GOTY top 10 thing. I was hoping to at least finish Octopath but so much shit has come up since June. Only so much free time in the world!

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      1. The funny thing is the Yen in the books is different than the Yen we got in the game. I mean… she’s still a bitch towards Geralt at times, but it’s for a good reason lol. Geralt (from the books) would never fall in love with Triss. Triss tried hard to get him too lol. I love Yen in the books so I almost always choose her in The Witcher 3 :).

        Guild Wars 2 will suck your life away lol. If you’re not down for another MMO do not try that game. It’s addictive and awesome and there’s so much to do! I love it and hate it because I can’t stop playing it and I’m supposed to be trying to complete other games before my top 10 of this year :(.

        DQXI is so freaking long dude. It’s like trying to complete Persona 5, but instead of going to school I’m murdering cute slimes. It’s an awesome game and the soundtrack does pick up after the halfway point in the game. The overworld music is terrible though. I keep my music volume on 2 (3 max) so it doesn’t drive me insane.

        I want to complete Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Thronebreaker, and, maybe, Warriors Orochi 4 before the year is over.


        1. The books are on my to-do list and I already picked up the first one.

          I’m sure I’ll really dig DQXI. I love the series in general but I’m not prepared for another 100+ hour JRPG. An open-world action RPG like The Witcher 3? Sure.

          AC Odyssey, Dead Cells, Into the Breach, and DQXI are the games I wish I got around to. I’m hoping to squeeze in The Messenger, more Enter the Gungeon, and a few other, shorter Switch games.

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  4. This will be the first weekend since ages that I’ll be home from work and I really look forward to play seriously with my brand new Xbox One S. I have to play some of the Resident Evil games I’ve just bought!
    BTW Bloodstained looks awesome! If only I had a Switch…


  5. Thirty seven? I didn’t know dinosaurs wrote blogs ha ha. Oh wait, I am thirty eight. Nooooo. This weekend I don’t plan to play anything. I am suffering one of my gaming burn out phases, so I’ll retreat to anime for a while until the batteries recharge.

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    1. YOU BASTA–oh, okay. Cool. We’re both old as shit. *hi-five*

      I get into those phases and it always seems to be whenever I receive a batch of new review codes. Then I feel awful because I don’t want to play anything, and when I try to muscle through it I just don’t care about what I’m playing. Plenty of other ways to occupy your time, though, and games aren’t going anywhere! Jump back in whenever you’re feeling refreshed.

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  6. I really enjoyed Curse of the Moon and the way they built replay into it was neat. A good value at $10 for sure. I just finished up Spyro 2 last night and will probably start up 3 this weekend. Also planning to play some more Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee too.

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    1. I have a few more levels to go, I think, but I remember hearing about how cool the 2nd run is. Looking forward to it.

      I know someone grabbed me the Crash/Spyro remaster bundle on PS4 for Christmas, and I can’t wait to revisit them. Wasn’t a *huge* fan of Crash but I really liked the first Spyro.


  7. I’m into the Epilogue of Red Dead 2. Looking forward to moving on from that game. I bought Mass Effect: Andromeda for $6 on pc so that will probably be my next game. Got work stuff to do most of the weekend so it may be awhile before I get any gaming in.

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    1. Has your opinion changed on RDR2 or is it just a “fine” game? I doubt I’ll ever play it, at least not anytime soon, but I’m surprised by the lack of fanfare surrounding it after release.

      Woo for another MEA playthrough! Niad really wants to give the ME a shot so I know a replay of MEA is in my future as well. Looking forward to revisiting all four games and seeing what she thinks of them.


      1. I think RDR2 is ok but still feel that there are certain things about it I like and certain things I really dislike. Couldn’t recommend it to anyone since the return on time spent is low.

        Actually looking forward to playing Andromeda instead.

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