It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Since, according to an old internet meme, you gotta get down on Friday, let’s discuss our weekend gaming plans!

I recently made a post going over my backlog goals, so the plan right now is to finish up Batman: Arkham Asylum in the Return to Arkham remaster and start working on… something. Probably World of Final Fantasy, since I just had to have it at launch.

I have a pretty busy weekend that’s chock full of homework and exams, but I’m sure I’ll find time to bust up some criminals and do Batman-type things. Return to Arkham, despite the negative reaction to its initial side-by-side screenshots, is downright gorgeous. Arkham Asylum was quite the looker when it released, and even having played Akrham Knight recently, I can still appreciate just how beautiful the atmosphere is. It’s a special game.

I don’t think I have it in me to immediately jump in to another meaty Batman game though, so I’ll be saving Arkham City for another day. I’ve been roaring to dive in to World of Final Fantasy anyway, so that’s perfect.


Outside of gaming, I’ve been reading a bit of non-superhero comics. I picked up Wytches, Alex + Ada, Outcast, The October Faction, Low, and Trees. I also have the first volume of Saga and volume 2 of Batman: Hush on hold at the library, which I’ll probably go pick up later today.

I just finished reading the entirety of Wytches, which was equally terrifying and bizarre. It has a distinguishably unsettling art style and an interesting premise about a small town that “pledges” people, typically children, to a group of witches that live inside of the trees. In return, the witches grant magical wishes, like immortality, wealth, and whatever self-centered thing you can think of.

Wytches centers around the Rooks family, who just arrived in town to get away from their series of misfortunes. The father is a fairly successful author of a series of children’s books, but has his fair share of secrets that unravel over the course of six comics. The mother is unfortunately resigned to a wheelchair after a nasty car accident, and their daughter, Sailor, suffers from anxiety, depression, and loneliness, after witnessing one of these monsters gruesomely murder her high school bully right in front of her.

Overall it does a great job at weaving a cohesive supernatural tale, while avoiding the pitfalls of confusion that usually plagues these shorter series that heavily rely on flashbacks as a foreshadowing technique.


I’ve also managed to chew through the first two (of three) volumes of Alex + Ada, which is a nice change of pace. Though not nearly as short as Wytches, this 15-comic series is about Alex, a lonely guy taking his latest break up pretty poorly, and Ada, his brand new A.I. robot that he inevitably falls in love with.

It’s set in a distant future where owning a robot is commonplace. They cook our meals, tend our gardens, answer our phones, and do whatever mundane activity we ask so that we don’t have to. However, a recent attack by sentient robots has the nation on edge.

Knowing that her grandson is going through a rough patch, Alex’s well-to-do grandmother sends him Ada for his birthday. Not a simple robot by any stretch of the imagination, Ada looks and feels just like any real girl and exists to provide Alex with companionship, or even sex, if he so chooses. It’s basically Chobits, but far less comedic or sexual.

But Alex has trouble connecting with Ada’s one-dimensional master/servant programming, and through the help of an underground android forum, hooks up with a group of “freedroids” (androids that have become sentient) that help him “unlock” Ada’s A.I. so that she can live and think as any human would. Which is illegal.

Clearly it’s more complicated than that, and what follows is a touching love story that not only makes you think about humanity within machines, but how machine-like humans become as they’re no longer self reliant. Add that to a world living in fear of sentient androids, and you have one hell of a series so far.


I’m hoping to finish volume 3 tonight, which is the end of the series. Afterwards I’ll probably jump in Trees, which seems to be more of a sci-fi tale about the world waking up one morning to discover mysterious obelisks protruding from the ground. I’m sure I’ll talk more about it next weekend.

Outside of Batman: Arkham Asylum and catching up on comics, my girlfriend and I plan on jumping in to the new Skyrim remaster on Xbox One. It’s one of our favorite games to play together, having done so twice, and we’re both stoked to experience the game together again over the next few weeks before she flies out to Oregon to visit her family over Christmas.

I’ll probably unwind on the couch and finish up Christopher Odd’s Dark Souls 2 (PC) run this weekend as well. I only have a few more episodes left, but it’s holding me over between his Ashes of Ariandel DLC uploads.

What about you folks? What’s on your agenda this weekend?

29 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

    1. I’d still really like to check out the Gears 4 campaign. I loved playing the first three, especially co-op. Though I was surprised when Red Box decided against stocking it at their rental kiosks, since they stocked the Ultimate Edition of the first game.

      Have fun!

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  1. Alex and Ada sounds way too interesting not to throw on my TBR list. I only saw a little bit of Chobits, but I liked it, and I’m sure I’d like a more serious take on the concept.

    I’m going to continue botching my platforming on the New SMB for the DS. The controls are kind of slippery(?). Mario slides a lot more than I remember from prior games, and it’s a bit harder with that and other things…or I’m just rusty at platforming. I’m also, er, kind of replaying FFIV but on the GBA (both it and Mario are in the same machine). It’s so much easier playing it on the DS probably because I just grab the handheld while being lazy in bed, turn it on, and play. With the ability to pull up a strat guide on my smartphone, gaming couldn’t possibly be lazier.

    I also want to crack open World of Final Fantasy this weekend, but there’s a Halloween party I’m going to on top of it being my husband’s birthday. It’s going to be another busy weekend, and I’m already looking forward to the next one where I’ll have more time.

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    1. Haha, oh yeah, having multiple handheld games to choose from is amazing, and pairing it with a tablet or smartphone makes me never want to leave the bed. I played through most of Persona 4 Golden with a fusion guide and walkthrough up on my tablet. Sometimes when I play on my couch I’ll have my laptop open to wikis or whatever, but it’s much more convenient with my Vita/3DS and my Galaxy tab.

      I bought World of FF at launch fully intending to play it, but got sidetracked by comics and not entirely finishing Arkham Asylum as planned. Can’t wait, though!

      Alex + Ada is great. I love that my library stocks so many comic TPBs, which has been a godsend. I just finished all three volumes (which is all there is) and yeah, it’s a great read. Highly recommend it.

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      1. I’m definitely a guide player. I like to know where I’m going and what I’m doing. Granted I’m not averse to giving a puzzle a go on my own, but it’s nice to have that solution. Lord knows I remember playing Adventures of Lolo 3 before the internet and spending days if not weeks on one board because the solution was just not happening and there was no way to just look it up.

        I was busy working on the FFIV review Wednesday night so, I mean, I WAS doing Final Fantasy stuff hehe. I own it so there’s plenty of time to play. It’s the first new game I’ve played/been interested in in a long time. Last one was Child of Light like two years ago.


        1. For beefy RPGs I’m totally not opposed to using guides. I like to see all the story bits and get all the best weapons, so getting to a point and finding out you’ve missed your opportunity is a bit of a kick in the face.

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          1. This is exactly how I feel, and it’s actually how I managed to mess up FFVII. I missed something important with the submarine and was too young and impatient at the time to go back, so I just stopped playing. Subsequent replays I just never had time due to school, work, etc. This is one of the reasons I relish a good strat guide. There’s no shame in using the information and resources of those who’ve played before you.


            1. Ugh, remember how shitty the FFIX guide was? It was right at the explosion of the internet, so everything in the guide was basically “want to know where the hidden chest is in this area? go to to find out!”

              Its like… why in the fuck did I buy this guide for you to tell me to go online? I think I even tried to return the guide to EB Games, but they wouldn’t let me. I was pissed.

              FFX was another one I started over with, not knowing how important those spheres were you collect with Yuna in those puzzle temples.

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              1. Right?! Why did I waste my money on it? That bugged the hell out of me. I mean, I’m glad I have it for posterity’s sake, but come on, be a real guide, don’t just guide me to the internet. I can do that myself *grumble*

                Yeah wasn’t there always a treasure in the temple or something along with the solution? I remember the symbol of Yevon always reminded me of how JRR Tolkien would sign his name, because I’m a fantasy dork who also makes weird connections.


  2. Enjoy your gaming time! I think I’ll see how the rumored Skyrim turns out on the Nintendo Switch. I haven’t had the opportunity to play that epic game yet, and the controller style seems interesting.

    I’ve got three games in progress: The Legend of Zelda (NES), ReCore (Xbox One), and Fallout 4 (PS4). I’m hoping to play at least one of them this weekend, but that real life responsibility thing will probably get in the way, lol.


    1. Man, I wanted ReCore to be so good, but ended up severely disappointed. So many activities that are commonly reserved as optional content, like challenge dungeons and collectibles, being required to proceed really fucked up the game’s pacing. Let me know what you think of it when you’re done.

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  3. Skyrim Remaster is… disappointing to say the least. I still love the game to death, but would kill Bethesda to give PC gamers a good UI? I mean come on it’s been five years. At least do that for us.

    You can’t go wrong playing a Batman game. Best superhero games of all time in my opinion.

    This weekend I’ll most likely be focusing on Civilization VI :). That game is my new crack and if I’m not playing it I’m talking about it with my friends.

    I’m almost level 30 in ESO and I’ve been enjoying it a lot more since the whole world scales with me now. I can play it like I do Skyrim now and it’s my go to MMO at the moment.

    A lot of my time will go to my 3DS this weekend. Dragon Quest VII just got here today and I’m really excited to have a chance to revisit that game. I also brought Monster Hunter Generations, but that hasn’t gotten here yet. I have plenty to keep me busy until it gets here though :).


    1. Yeahhhh, Skyrim isn’t holding up nearly as well as I thought it wood. I guess I blame Witcher 3 and Dragon’s Dogma for coming out after Skyrim and kind of giving me more of what I want in an open world RPG. The gameplay is bad, character models are awful, and the only thing that’s really been updated are the light shafts, draw distance, and amount of plantlife. I mean, the world is the BEST thing about Skyrim, so I’m happy it’s prettier, but their games could severely benefit from a new engine or a complete overhaul. I mean, it’s Skyrim, I’ll always love it. It’s just… disappointing it doesn’t hold up.

      I hear a lot of great stuff about Civ 6, though I’ve never in my life played one and have also never tried a sim game, since they’re mostly on the PC spectrum. I tried watching a stream of it and it just made no sense, haha.

      I’d like to go back to ESO at some point to see how it’s changed. Definitely seems more ES now.

      I can’t WAIT to get my hands on DQ7. It’s easily 120+ hours, but man, it’s great. I loved it on the original Playstation.

      Sounds like you have a lot of great stuff to get in to.

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      1. Keep in mind that Skyrim is 5 years old. The fact that it’s still compared to games that release today is pretty fantastic in my opinion. Skyrim will always have a special place in my heart and it’s still a perfect 10 to me. The Witcher 3 should have a better world than Skyrim. It’s the newer game :). Don’t agree about Dragon’s Dogma though. I’ve never played the expansion so my opinion on that game is strictly from the vanilla experience.

        ESO is pretty much that modern Skyrim now. It’s a lot better than it used to be and I actually love it right now.

        Civ VI is so good dude. The fact that I can take over the entire world as Gandhi is awesome. I also love all of the new changes they brought to this 20+ year old franchise to keep it fresh. It’s actually closer to 30 than 20, but you get my point.

        I haven’t had a chance to play DQ7 yet, but I’m really excited about it. All I’ve done so far is play the first 10 minutes. I love the 3DS characters models so far, but haven’t gotten into my first fight yet. Overall it’s a great purchase that I know I’ll sink at least 100 hours into.

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        1. Oh no, I get that, and I think that’s why it feels weird. Dragon’s Dogma is more from a gameplay perspective, since I liked it’s very-much-Japanese hack and slash, Shadow of the Colossus approach to combat and boss fights. And having sank 150 hours in to Witcher 3 with its beautiful characters, solid animations, etc., I have very different expectations now that I did with Skyrim in 2011. It’s one of those things where you remember playing a game on the original Playstation, thinking “man, games will NEVER look better than this!” — then you go back and play it 15 years later and wonder what the hell you were thinking (Final Fantasy VII, for example).

          It’s still Skyrim. It’s still an amazing game. It’s just that Bethesda engine that isn’t aging well and it reminds me why I didn’t really enjoy the gameplay much in Fallout 4.

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          1. I agree.

            Bethesda really needs a new engine to power their future games because we’ve all had enough of the current one. I loved the gameplay in Fallout 4 though. Well… at least when compared to previous Fallout games I did.


              1. I wouldn’t go that far. Have you played Morrowind recently? :).

                I know it’s the same engine, but it’s been improve on over time. I do agree that it’s time for a new engine though. The gameplay needs a complete overhaul for the next Elder Scrolls game.


                1. Last time I played Morrowind was maybe 2013. It… definitely didn’t hold up, haha. I invested well over 200 hours in the Xbox version until my save was eaten when my console took a dump. Next time I go back it’ll definitely be on PC. I hear that game is all sorts of fancy with the right mods.

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                  1. I recommend waiting for Skywind. It looks fantastic and plays 1000 times better than the original one. It doesn’t matter how many mods you throw at Morrowind it’ll still play like shit. I love the game, but I’ll be the first one to admit that it’s aged horribly over time.

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