Catch Up on Critical Successes and RPGs in this Week’s PSN Sale

This week’s PSN sale is a potpourri of critical hits, handheld RPGs, and EA published games. From heavy hitters like Destiny to lesser known gems like Crimson Gem Saga, there’s bound to be a little something for everyone.

As usual, I’d like to run down some of my favorites just in case you’re looking for something new to play. Prices listed include the extra 10% discount that comes with being a PlayStation Plus subscriber. If you’re not a subscriber, expect a slightly higher price tag.




A full list of discounts can be found right here at the official PlayStation Store page.

Lots of great stuff on sale this week, though nothing I don’t already own or feel the need to jump on right away. I am tempted to grab all three of those Persona titles on PSP/Vita to have them available digitally. I haven’t turned my PSP on in over a year, so having them at the ready on Vita seems worthwhile. It is my favorite RPG series, after all.

Picking anything up?

10 thoughts on “Catch Up on Critical Successes and RPGs in this Week’s PSN Sale

  1. are PSN sales generally like this? I mean we are near the end of Feb, no holiday or big world event that I can recall, yet there are some amazing deals here. AAA games between $15-$25 is amazing!!

    I’m primarily on steam and wait for sales there, I’ve found their last christmas and summer sales to be a bit lack luster, and the option of PS4 Pro becomes more appealing, especially if sales are always this good.


    1. Yep, PSN sales refresh every Tuesday around noon Pacific time. Sometimes there’s one sale, but in this case there are three running simultaneously. The middle weekend of each month also brings a Flash Sale, which was last weekend.


    2. This is also my argument about why PS Plus is a worthwhile $60 year investment if you buy digital games. You get an additional 10% off during sales on top of the 6 monthly incentive freebies. I’m not saying it’s okay to pay for an online service, this just makes it sting a bit less.

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