As Final Fantasy Celebrates 30 Years Today, What are Your FF-related Resolutions for 2018?

Final Fantasy celebrates its 30th anniversary today, making it one of longest running console RPG series to date (Ultima and Dragon Quest say hello, by the way).

As a way of celebrating one of my favorite series of all time, I thought it’d be interesting to discuss any Final Fantasy-related resolutions we might have brewing up in the ol’ brain sack.


1: I’ll be replaying Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for a Final Fantasy collaboration project. I already beat Type-0 HD back when it launched, but my goal is to give myself a refresher before writing a compare and contrast article on how “Final Fantasy” the game actually is (or isn’t).

FINAL FANTASY IX_20170817215841

2: I’d like to finally finish off the PS4 port of Final Fantasy VII and actually beat Final Fantasy IX. I’ve played through VII numerous times, but I still haven’t beaten the PS4 port that released a while back. I’m nearing the end of “disc one,” so to speak. I’ve also played IX three times but always seemed to fall off during the game’s final disc. I’d like to change that.


3: I’ll work on finishing Final Fantasy XIII and (hopefully) move on to XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. I started XIII last summer and really enjoyed it, but fell off during the game’s open-world chapter (11) — not because I didn’t like it, but I just got sidetracked by school stuff and then Persona 5 consumed me from August ’til December.

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster_20150225153430

4: Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster has been sitting on my shelf for a while now, so maybe I’ll get around to playing the PS4 version. I love Final Fantasy X and have played through the PS2 version three times (I think?), but never got around to X-2. I’ve been meaning to play through both remasters, but you know how backlogs are.


5: Time permitting, I’d like to play through Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI on my SNES Classic. I’ve never finished IV, despite dumping large chunks of hours into the SNES version a few times and owning it on PSP. V is mostly foreign to me. VI is just incredible and it’s been far too long since I’ve revisited it.


BONUS ROUND: I might give Final Fantasy XV another playthrough in NG+ to check out all of the content updates. I loved XV enough to give it my Game of the Year last year and I’ve been wanting to jump back into the more story-oriented stuff instead of the daily monster hunts. There’s also the Comrades multi-player expansion I’d like to check out. My backlog is already big enough as it is, though, so I’m in no rush.

What about you, folks? Got any Final Fantasy plans next year?

10 thoughts on “As Final Fantasy Celebrates 30 Years Today, What are Your FF-related Resolutions for 2018?

  1. I really should add a Final Fantasy game into the mix in 2018. This year, I tried getting back to FFX and FFIV but just got sidetracked. X didn’t do enough to keep me enthralled and I got stuck in IV. Same with VII. I’ve never finished it. I keep getting to a certain point and forget where I am.

    I’ve only finished I and VI. I wouldn’t mind checking out something else though. Time is always tough and FF games are a decent commitment, so it makes it challenging. Maybe I’ll get back to it next year!

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    1. They’re definitely games that you have to push through without juggling anything else, at least on your first go. I find that to be the case with most older RPGs, honestly, when there wasn’t quality-of-life stuff like in-game journals that reminded you of your goal after a week away.

      I’ve finished most of them and gotten really far in others, but I’ve completely ignored V for whatever reason. That’s high on my list.


  2. I always think you’re awesome for not hating FFXIII! :D

    I’m going to be tied up in BioWare for most of next year, but time permitting, I hope to do my first playthrough of FFVI. I’ve heard so many great things about it!

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  3. My fave game from the series is FF9 so I will be cheering you on in your mission to complete it at last. Worse case scenario you can use the cheats to steamroll through the story quickly.

    I don’t have any Final Fantasy plans for 2018 because the franchise has gone downhill for me since ten. Believe it or not I still have FF15 in the shrink wrap. I just cannot motivate myself to play it.


  4. I want to replay Final Fantasy XV in NG+ as well, but I’m waiting until I buy the Xbox One X. I vow to buy the new system within the coming months and, after seeing how amazing The Witcher 3 looks, I will lock myself away and beat FFXV again.


  5. I’ve never played X, I was always put off by stuff I heard about the voice acting, but I think 2018 might be the year! If you’ve enjoyed xiii so far, you’re in for a treat with the rest of the xiii series.


  6. Great resolutions! I’m echoing the beating FFIX port on PS4 resolution. It’s my favorite FF, and I’m determined to replay all the way to the end someday. On that note, I also want to replay the FFVII port, which I also have sitting around. And of course, I want to play through FFIII (VI) with my wife on the SNES Classic since she’s never experienced it. Finally, now that I’ve replayed XII, I want to experience XIII for the first time. It’s the only FF I have never played, and yet it’s been on my backlog for forever.

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  7. First I literally lolled at the background picture. I’ve seen that floating around the internet, but it always cracks me up. Such irreverent. Much dying Stab.

    I think all of my resolutions have to do with Final Fantasy in some way hehe. I want to finish FFV and start FFVI for my (re)play project. Since I received Zodiac Age that’s another one on the list as well as FFXIII, which I need to play sooner rather than later. I’m probably going to buy either or both FFXIV and FFXV with my gift cards, which will add another one of Squeenix’s babies to my pile. In other Final Fantasy, TWRM had an amazing idea for a Final Fantasy Encyclopedia that I jumped at since I used to be really into this FF Compendium site, but that hasn’t been updated in almost ten years. I have like a million ideas for how to put together an encyclopedia on a blog. Of course I want to work on all of my FF(VII) related fanfiction and maybe even get some cosplay tasks done, too.


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