Celebrating 30 Years of Phantasy Star by Playing it for the First Time!

When December 20th rolled around, Sega didn't seem too concerned with their RPG's 30th anniversary. At least someone was, though. Phantasy Star debuted on the Sega Master System that day back in 1987 (1988 in North America), and like many others here in the States, I didn't own the console. I didn't even know the... Continue Reading →


As Final Fantasy Celebrates 30 Years Today, What are Your FF-related Resolutions for 2018?

Final Fantasy celebrates its 30th anniversary today, making it one of longest running console RPG series to date (Ultima and Dragon Quest say hello, by the way). As a way of celebrating one of my favorite series of all time, I thought it'd be interesting to discuss any Final Fantasy-related resolutions we might have brewing... Continue Reading →

The Most Important RPG in Console History Celebrates its 20th Anniversary Today

While the SNES arguably had better releases in the Final Fantasy series, it was the seventh entry on the original PlayStation that truly brought the RPG genre into the eyes of the mainstream. Final Fantasy VII's multi-disc spanning epic was a smashing success in 1997, selling nearly 10 million copies worldwide, and changed the gaming... Continue Reading →

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