Celebrating 30 Years of Phantasy Star by Playing it for the First Time!

When December 20th rolled around, Sega didn't seem too concerned with their RPG's 30th anniversary. At least someone was, though. Phantasy Star debuted on the Sega Master System that day back in 1987 (1988 in North America), and like many others here in the States, I didn't own the console. I didn't even know the... Continue Reading →


Join Me in Celebrating the Sega Dreamcast’s 17th Anniversary!

On September 9th, 1999, I found myself gathering up handfuls of old PlayStation games and accessories to barter with the local GameStop in order to afford the Sega Dreamcast on launch day. I must have underestimated the value of my collection, as I managed to walk out with the console, a VMU, a 2nd controller,... Continue Reading →

One of the Best Dreamcast Games is Now Playable on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility

Along with MX vs. ATV Reflex and Texas Hold 'Em, the Sega Dreamcast's Jet Set Radio joins the Xbox One's backwards compatibility list today. Sega's cel-shaded classic featured an incredible soundtrack, a vibrant world, and a┬árad cast of characters. As an inline skating vandal, you team up with the GGs and tag up walls to... Continue Reading →


Played on: Wii U Genre: Arcade-style kart racing For fans of: Other kart racing series, multiplayer party games or Sega in general. Average price: $29 on Amazon Over the years, kart racing has become a predictable genre. With every new Nintendo console comes a new iteration of Mario Kart, and this is something we've all... Continue Reading →

This Week in Gaming – EA crosses a line, tons of Nintendo news and the Ouya displayed at E3.. via the parking lot?

This Week in Gaming is a weekly column every Sunday attempting to re-cap some of the biggest news in the gaming industry, or poking fun at a few things no one really cares about. Let's cut the bullshit and get started! First thing first, EA can suck a dick. Not just any dick, but a... Continue Reading →

Building my most perfect game – A pinch of this, a dash of that and a little old fashioned video game necromancy!

Let's face it. As gamers, we all want different things out of our games and sometimes we suffer through things like inverted control settings, drawn out cutscenes and lack of plot to make it through a game that we are completely convinced we could do better on - which we all know is complete bullshit,... Continue Reading →

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