[REVIEW] AI: The Somnium Files

When acclaimed character designer Yūsuke Kozaki (Fire Emblem: Awakening, Daemon X Machina, the No More Heroes series), composer Keisuke Ito (Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night), and beloved designer/writer Kotaro Uchikoshi (of Zero Escape series fame) get together, you expect magic to happen. And even with that expectation in mind, their latest project, AI: The Somnium Files, … Continue reading [REVIEW] AI: The Somnium Files

Holiday Horrors: Blair Witch

October is the perfect month to dive into some great horror games, be it playing them yourself or watching a Let’s Play from the comfort of your pillow fort. Halloween is all about the spookies, after all, and I wanted to draw attention to some of my favorite lesser-knowns in the genre to help spread … Continue reading Holiday Horrors: Blair Witch

[REVIEW] Dragon Star Varnir

I don't think any developer or publisher out there churns out the number of quality JRPGs that the folks at Idea Factory and Compile Heart do at such an alarming rate. Though mostly known on the outside for their hilariously endearing Neptunia series, Idea Factory has graced the PS4 with some excellent stand-alone RPGs over … Continue reading [REVIEW] Dragon Star Varnir