Cave Story+ Gets Physical, Physical. Oh, and a Launch Date.

The fine folks at Nicalis are bringing the definitive edition of indie darling Cave Story to the Nintendo Switch on June 20th in both physical and digital formats. In a PR e-mail received earlier today, the official price is set at $29.99 for either version.

So what makes this release “definitive?” Similar to The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ (also published by Nicalis on the Switch), the Nintendo Switch version, appropriately dubbed Cave Story+, will contain more levels, challenges, options, and gameplay enhancements, free future content updates, and “subtle graphic improvements.”

For those interested in the physical release, Nicalis tweeted that all GameStop pre-orders will include a free Cave Story blind box with a game-related keychain inside.

I never managed to finish Cave Story during its initial run, so I’m more than excited to dive back into the Metroid-inspired platformer on Nintendo Switch. Plus, look at that box art. That needs to be on my shelf, pronto.


6 thoughts on “Cave Story+ Gets Physical, Physical. Oh, and a Launch Date.

  1. Did not know this. Super cool. I’d hope the guy who made it (calls himself Pixel) gets tons of money from this. It’s already available free for PC and the Cave Story+ is 14.99. I’ve only played the original, but I’m someday hoping to go for the + edition.

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