Let’s Talk About ‘Clockwork Aquario’ – An Unreleased Arcade Platformer Brought Back From the Dead After Nearly 30 Years!

This unreleased arcade platformer by the legendary team behind the Monster World/Wonder Boy series is FINALLY coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch on the 14th!

Let’s Talk About ‘Gynoug’ – A Classic Sega Genesis Shmup Available Soon on Modern Platforms

Known as 'Wings of Wor' here in the States, Gynoug is a Sega Genesis classic brought to modern platforms, along with plenty of quality of life toggles.

Let’s Talk About ‘Gleylancer’ – A Japan-Only 1992 Sega Genesis SHMUP Localized in 2021!

This once Japan-only Sega Genesis shmup is finally available in the States on modern platforms! Was it worth the wait?

[SWITCH REVIEW] Luna: The Shadow Dust (2020)

TL;DR VERSION: With its stunning storybook visuals, wonderful puzzle designs, adventurous themes, and an extraordinary, wordless narrative, this three-hour point-and-click proved to be one of 2020's best games and *might* be my personal Game of the Year. What is Luna: The Shadow Dust? A hand-drawn 2D point-and-click adventure game firmly rooted in puzzle solving, but … Continue reading [SWITCH REVIEW] Luna: The Shadow Dust (2020)


What an insanely beautiful looking adventure game that's completely drowned out by obtuse puzzles and an equally confusing story. What is Memoranda? A visually stunning point-and-click adventure game from the folks at Bit Byterz and Carbon Fire Studios, which follows the 25-year-old insomniac Mrs. Mizuki on her quest to remember her first name. Since separating … Continue reading [SWITCH REVIEW] Memoranda


Puzzle games aren't always my jam, but every now and then I need a good brain tickle to get my mind off of things. Being election season, I'm sure you can see why I craved that sort of distraction now more than ever. Enter the simple and clean world of Golf Peaks. Initially a mobile … Continue reading [SWITCH BACKLOG] Golf Peaks

[WEEKEND GAMING] Steampunk JRPGs, Dangerous Jewelry, and Chatting With Friendos!

I started the week off by diving into a brand new JRPG, being Sega's soft reboot of Sakura Wars on PS4. I'm familiar with the series, having imported one of the games on the Saturn and Dreamcast, though purely for collection purposes. I played a friend's copy of the Wii game for a few hours … Continue reading [WEEKEND GAMING] Steampunk JRPGs, Dangerous Jewelry, and Chatting With Friendos!

[REVIEW] The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4)

There aren't many series in the realm of role-playing games that feature titles with continuous narratives. Final Fantasy, Persona, Dragon Quest... most, if not ALL of the new releases from these major players typically arrive as stand-alone experiences. Therein lies the rarity of The Legend of Heroes universe -- which contains three unique series under … Continue reading [REVIEW] The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4)