CA! Radio E3 2017: Sony

CA! Radio’s E3 coverage continues with our recap and impressions of the surprisingly safe PlayStation conference, where we all found plenty to enjoy despite its lack of excitement. This became all the more jarring when we considered how action packed their announcements have been over the last two years. Aside from the reveals of a... Continue Reading →


Let’s Discuss E3 2017, Shall We?

We're less than a week away from arguably the biggest gaming event of the year. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will take the stage (more or less), along with a few third-party publishers, and reveal to the world their plans for the future. Sony is riding high on their wildly successful PS4 sales figures and an... Continue Reading →

The New PS4 4.0 Update Adds Folders, Which is Helpful

PlayStation rolled out a new update for the PS4 today, including the ability to create folders to organize your library of available games. Unfortunately you can't add games to folders that aren't installed on your console, but you can do helpful things like this (*points up*) to the many built-in apps that never get used. As... Continue Reading →

Logging in to your PS4 account from any PS4 console will allow you access to your entire game library.

It was confirmed today that Sony is doing everything they can to be consumer-centric with the PS4 by allowing you access to your entire game library no matter which console you sign in to. If you own the digital version of Watch Dogs and your buddy wants to check it out, you can head over... Continue Reading →


Played on: Wii U Genre: Arcade-style kart racing For fans of: Other kart racing series, multiplayer party games or Sega in general. Average price: $29 on Amazon Over the years, kart racing has become a predictable genre. With every new Nintendo console comes a new iteration of Mario Kart, and this is something we've all... Continue Reading →

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